This page represents autodidactic ways of musical expression. Below a short history of activities.

present & past projects with Krabbe involved:

Helga Blohm Dynastie

`11/12 a new band called Madzub is practising. Krug - Drums / Sounds. Krabbe - Electronics, Bass, Guitar. First concerts at Schneiders Laden and new years eve `13 are planned.

`10, work with live drummer Schlewinski on recordings for `II`.
This album comes with organic/unorganic drums.
[Song at the top of this page called `Minerals out of Body`
from`II` / unorganic].

`09 In the beginning the idea of Hatz was to create a full band arrangement compressed into a one man band. Touring with Helga-Blohm-Dynastie and playing some gigs at Knochenbox
[one of Berlins most experimental underground venue].
Betimes we improvise with electronic sounds in Tunguska project. Always a learning from tones and tuning. We did it since `98, and it`s a necessary element in all the bands and projects.
Tunguska doing some gigs with Guru O`Really on the filter banks, one was `Konzert für sechs Synthesizer` together with Transistors of Mercy in the large pool of Stadtbad Wedding. Supported by Krug, filmcuts by Refhard [Synapsenfasching/arte].

`09 Krabbe plays the moog in Helga-Blohm-Dynastie for one year.

`08 Helwec. A band with a 2nd guitar lineup. Some gigs and one studio album have been done. `10 the drummer decided to go to Israel. The rest are praying for him.

The music should have faster vibes. Bolzn was born in `03. It took
a long time to find a drummer for this special band. Hoplessness to get a second guitar for the project. Given up searching after the seventh or eighth [eleven drummers]. Our start into 8 track magnetics began. At least enough space for overdubs. Bolzn left in `07.

`96 Parasol - first good [old] instruments have been organised, because of the ultimate sound preferences given to us by Shellac`s -At action park- and Caspar Brötzmann Massaker.
After some concerts in Czech Republik, Switzerland and Germany the band decided to go to Berlin to search for practise/studio room..... Now more time for our 2 track recording sessions in the new city. One last intense concert at `Kastanie`, then the band split.

`92 beginning in northeast landscape of Neubrandenburg. A small town between Berlin and the Baltic Coast. First experiences in `deutsch-Punk` bands and rehearsals in garages dominates.
The music changes fast to Psychedelic-Rock, then to Noise and Destruction-Rock.